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Tips on How to Present a Speech


There are different ways of using the script


 You can read straight from the page


If you go for this option which is obviously the easiest, it is very important to read through it as many times as possible, before the event. I find it is best to talk it out aloud, as if you are giving the speech. You will find you have a lot more confidence on the occasion, if you are familiar with the speech


 You can learn it off by heart


This is obviously the hard option, but if you have a good memory it is worth a try. A speech always sounds more sincere, if it is not being read off a piece of paper. Unless you have a brilliant mind, I would always recommend having the back up of a few key words, written down on paper or card. This way, if you should stumble you can always receive a prompt to get you flowing again.

It is not easy giving the speech off by heart and then if you do dry up, finding where you left off on the actual script. Therefore I would only recommend either 1 or 2, not a combination


On the day


Don’t forget the speech or the prompt card

If you wear spectacles, don’t forget them


Before the speech 


If it is available, a small amount of alcohol may help you relax

It is important not to drink too much. It is better to drink your usual tipple, as you know approximately how much is appropriate


If you feel extremely nervous as you are about to give the speech, take some long deep breaths. Try and relax




Giving the speech


Don't mumble. If there is no microphone, please try and speak loud and clearly, so that the people at the back can also hear


A witty speech needs to be given, in a ‘tongue in cheek’ manner with a smile in your voice. It won’t seem anywhere near as funny, if your voice is flat


When you stand up, you will probably receive applause. Hold your head up in the air, look around the room and give everybody a big smile. This makes people think you are relaxed, and relaxes them


I always try to open the speech with a witty comment. Once you have got a laugh, you will feel much more confidant


Try and take the speech nice and easy. It may spoil it if you race through. It is important for you to listen out for laughter, and to let it die down before carrying on


It is difficult to predict responses to jokes on the day; ones that you thought might bring the house down might only generate a mild reaction; yet others might inexplicably go down a storm. Please do not be despondent or consider cutting material; just pass on to the next part of the speech


Try not to say outright that you are nervous. Everybody assumes you are. Your speech will seem so much more professional, if you don’t plug this point


If you are going to read the speech straight from the script; this is where the familiarisation comes in. It is far better to look at the people than a piece of paper. Either, hold it up in the air and look over the top as many times as you can, or; If your hands are shaking rest it on a flat surface, but once again try to speak to the audience and not the paper. Don’t put your hands in your pockets


When making a toast, make your announcement very positive. Wait until everybody has stood up. Lift your glass positively into the air before making the toast, and wait until everybody has lifted their glasses before giving it. A follow up line to a toast, should be given immediately after the people have made their response


Try to make sincere bits sound sincere. I know some men are not happy at being thought of, as being sincere or ‘sloppy’. A wedding is a loving occasion and I am sure your ‘street cred’ will remain just the same, regardless of how nicely you refer to people. In fact it might even improve


The main thing to remember at a wedding or any other happy occasion is; you have a captive audience. They all think you are very brave. Nobody wants you to fail. They will be over the moon, if you even attempt to make a witty speech. I have been to so many occasions, where the speeches have been dreadful, with no attempt at any humour and people have felt let down


Please note


The more times you read over the script, the less funny it will seem; self doubt will creep in and you may feel like altering or deleting some parts; This is normal. Please remember, if you found the speech funny the first time you read it, that is how others will find it, the first time they hear it


One final note, is regarding any photographs or props that you may be using while giving your speech. If you are showing an article or blown up photo which everybody can see, it is ok to do so during the speech. What I don't recommend is passing photographs around during your speech. This only leads to people talking among themselves, thanking each other for passing them and generally not fully listening to the wonderful things that you are saying. It is best to pass them around, when everybody has finished speaking


Best Wishes and Good Luck







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