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                                                            In the Name of Allah

            سوالات زبان انگلیسی ( 2 ) پیش دانشگاهی شهدای گمنام     ارد یبهشت ماه 1387 – مدت امتحان : 90 دقیقه

            نام و نام خانوادگی: ------------------------------------------------------ 

A. Fill in the blanks with the words given. There is one extra word. ( 4 points )

(( devoted – poverty – samples – unions – artificial – financial – suffering – connected – access ))

1. He lost all his money and died in -----------------------------.

2. Workers decided to form ------------------------------ to protect their rights.

3. Please tell me, are these flowers natural or ------------------------------?

4. The astronauts did experiments on the --------------------------------- of rock.

5. This software makes it easy to ---------------------------- information in the data base.

6. I don't know why the computer is not -------------------------------- to the printer.

7. Professor Smith has ----------------------------- his life to scientific research.

8. My neighbor is ----------------------------- from strange disease.

B. Match the definitions in column A with the words in column B. There is one extra word in   

    column B.  ( 2 points )

--------------------A------------------                                                       ------------------B----------------

9. a group of people having the same religion, job, etc.                                  a) density

10. moving something from one place to another                                            b) community

11. the amount of something in a unit volume, area, or length                      c) extreme

12. most serious or unusual; beyond the usual limits                                      d) excellent

                                                                                                                               e) transfer

C. Choose the best choices for the following items regarding the meaning. ( 2 points )

13. One of the factors that causes unemployment seems to be -----------------------education system.

      a) private                           b) specific                       c) irrelevant                           d) local

14. Internet has made it possible for people to ----------------------- with one another effectively.

      a) combine                        b) communicate              c) contrast                              d) concentrate

15. Some of the engineers have been sent on a research ------------------------- to France.

      a) mission                          b) mass                            c) sign                                      d) formation

16. Nowadays, a --------------------------- approach to learning is used by teachers in classes. In this      

      way, sound, pictures, film and text are used together.

      a) complex                         b) graphics                       c) problem – solving            d) multimedia


D. Fill in the blanks with the words of your own. ( 1 points )

17. It is an instrument that magnifies, or makes larger, distant objects. It is a --------------------------.

18. An organization for helping people in need and taking care of persons nobody is prepared to

      look after. It is a ---------------------------.


E. Choose the best choices for the following items regarding the grammar.  ( 2 points )

19. A: Mina didn't catch the train. Do you know why?

      B: I'm sure that she ----------------- have left home too late.

       a) might                           b) should                          c) must                         d) could

20. My friend does not know very much about computers,---------------- he is an educated person.

       a)since                             b)though                            c) because                    d) while

21. We set the alarm clock ------------------------- get up late in the morning.

      a) so as not to                   b) in order that                 c) so that                      d) in order to not

22. Some people prefer to work for the government, -------------- others like to be self- employed.

      a) whether                        b) when                              c) since                         d) whereas


F. Combine the following sentences with the words given in parentheses. ( 2 points )

23. Ali turned down the television. He wanted to see the football game. ( so that  )


24. Mr. Hamidi has lots of money. He doesn't help the poor people. ( although  )



G. Put the words in parentheses in the right order to make meaningful sentences. ( 2 points )

25. Tom hurt his back badly. He ---------------------------------------------------------------.

       ( that – shouldn't – lifted – heavy box – have )

26. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------, others do not.

      ( a lot – think – while – many men – their health – about )


H. Complete the following words with the words given. There are two extra words. ( 2 points )


                      ( whereas – so that – so as to – even though – must – might )

27. I know many students who are not able to use the Internet, ------------------- it is available for

      the public.

28. John was born in a rich family, ----------------- Bill has to work hard in a factory.

29. A: Do you know why Tina went to bed so early?

      B: I'm not sure. She ------------------ have been too tired.

30. David is reading a new book on space information ----------------- he will get more information.


I. Complete the following sentences using their FUNCTIONS . ( 2 points )

31. Child labor is work that is dangerous such as ---------------------------------------------------------.

32. A satellite is any object that --------------------------------------------------.

33. A computer is any programmable machine that -------------------data and then ------------------

      them into information we can use.

34. Edison's memory will live on because of ---------------------------------------------------------------.


J. Fill in the blanks of the following paragraphs .  There is one extra word. ( 3 points )


    ((  manufacturing – envelops – domestic – compose – remove – destination – urban  ))


    Most working children in rural areas are found in agriculture; --------35-------- children work in

trade and services, with fewer in -------36----------, construction and --------37---------- services.

    Postal mail takes at least a day – often one week – to get to its --------38--------, you must have

--------39--------and stamps and find a mailbox. E- mail is quicker to ------4o----------, arrives faster and does not require a stamp.


K. Read the following sentences and choose the best choices. ( 4 points )

41. Mother Teresa was given a number of awards including a Noble Peace Prize in 1979, for her  

       promotion of peace and brotherhood among the nations.

       According to this sentence, Mother Teresa -------------------------------------------------------------.

a) worked only for the people in her country                 b) liked to be a famous Noble Prize Winner

c)helped peace and brotherhood grow in the world      d) wanted to receive rewards as her purpose

42. The launch of first International Space Station in 1998began a new era in space exploration.

       This sentence means that in 1998 --------------------------------------------------------------------------.

a) people sent first units of International Space Station to space

b) space exploration started for the first time in history

c) some units of International Space Station were built

d) astronauts made new observations in space

43. Most child laborers are also being robbed of their rights, including not only the right to 

      develop to the highest level through education, but also the right to a childhood.

      We understand from these statements that child laborers ---------------------------------------------.


a) rob other children's rights in society         b) can never go to colleges to be educated

c) are educated like other children                 d) spend their childhood with no problem

44. The Internet is great since it brings together the best qualities of communications system that

       were used before and, at the same time, improves on their worst features.

       The above sentences say that Internet ----------------------------------------------------------------------.

 a) seems to be the only device of communications technology

 b) consists of radio, television and telephone

 c) works in the same way as other information systems do

 d) combines better qualities in comparison to other systems


L. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions as required. ( 4 points )

     Perhaps most people have experience of forgetting. They are not aware of a simple but

important fact: Memory can be improved. Research will show you how.

    First, relax. If you are over worried about remembering something, you'll forget it. And avoid

being negative. If you keep telling yourself that your memory is bad, your mind will come to believe it and you won't remember things. When you forget something, do not care very much, because it has a negative effect on you and your memory. To remember more, you'll need to take an active role. Your memory can be strengthened through exercise. Look for opportunities to exercise your memory.

    For example, if you're learning a language, try to actively remember irregular verbs. To be aware of things, try to make mental pictures of what you see. Don't just put your keys down!

If you want to find them again, make a mental picture of the place where you're putting them.

45. What is the best title for the passage?

     a) Experience of Forgetting                               b) How to Improve Your Memory

     c) Negative Effect on Mind                                d) How to Remember Irregular Verbs

46. According to the passage, one of the reasons people have problems remembering things

      is -------------------------------------------------.

     a) not being positive                                          b) not believing themselves

     c) not being experienced                                   d) not remembering irregular verbs

47. According to the passage, what is the important fact about memory?

     a) It can be changed to better                          b) It can never be changed

     c) It needs careful attention                             d) It should be loaded by different things

48. The word " strengthened" in the second paragraph, has the closest meaning to ---------------.

     a) instructed                       b) involved                  c) influenced                    d) informed

49. Making a mental picture of things has a positive effect on the memory.

        TRUE                                                                      FALSE

                                PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT


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