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Love Makes a Family

Words & Music by David & Jenny Heitler-Klevans

Love makes a family
So many ways that we can be
I want the whole world to see
that love makes a family

I have a friend who was born in Peru
Her mom adopted her when she was just two
They have fun together in the things that they do
And their house, it is filled with love

I have a friend whose parents live far apart
At first she was thinking it would break her heart
But after some time, she can finally start
to see two houses filled with love

There is a house across the street from me
Filled with generations - one, two and three
Grandparents, parents and a little baby
Their house is so full of love

Our friend has a sister, and also two mothers
He doesn't have a dad, and he doesn't have brothers
Through good times and bad, they take care of each other
And their house, it is filled with love.

One couple I know have no kids of their own
Some people think that they must be alone
But the neighborhood kids like the friendship they've shown
And their house, it is filled with love

There is a place that I go to sometime
With lots of things to play with, and trees to climb
My friends and my teachers, they have a great time
'Cause my daycare is filled with love

Many people celebrate Christmas, it's true
And Channukah's candles shine 8 nights through
In this season of light, whatever you do
May your houses be filled with love


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